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Trochi Group is proud to be Canadian distribution company since 2015, applying ourselves to manufacture and distribute everyday-use products over many areas, with one-stop shopping platform. We are more than happy to serve every customer to have a more efficient and convenient shopping channel over Canada.

Trochi Travel-goods

Operating from our head office in Toronto, Canada, Trochi-Travel is an international purveyor of luxurious, high-quality, and moderately-priced hard-side, rolling luggage for today’s traveler. Formed in 2015 in response to the growing demand for premium quality, yet affordable luggage, Trochi-Travel presents a line of products made from the finest raw materials, designed to be both functional and beautiful. You can count on Trochi luggage to meet all the rigorous demands of modern, international travel, and look good while doing it.


Trochi Life style

Trochi-Life provides everyday life products in varieties, including areas like home, office, health, party, pets, etc. Trochi-Life insists to keep permeating our products to make everyone's contemporary life in a shop-easily, cost-friendly, and variety-widely way. Moreover, Trochi-Life also makes our mission to always seek market-short, well-designed, and well-priced products. We also work directly with manufacturers to produce customized products as customers’ unique requirements. For the OEM customization service for your products, please call 905-534-7008.



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