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Airport after airport, tarmac after tarmac
- that's Trochi's promise.


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"I 've had Trochi luggage for years.

If you've traveled a lot or have heard anything about how airports handle your luggage then that line alone should be enough to tell you how solid they are, and it still looks perfectly fine.

Anyways, since then they've come out with some new pieces and they hooked me up with a couple of them for my upcoming travels in March to Latvia for IIHF world women's hockey championship.

These specific ones are the Charles Trunk suitcases in black. Trochi is a company based in Toronto Canada. Their luggage is actually really good quality and surprisingly light for hard shell suitcases. So checkthem out if you have any trip planned."
- Anna Lagzdina (February 20th, 2024)

countries & stories

Exploring Vancouver with Trochi Charles Trunk

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, Vancouver offers a tapestry of urban delights and natural wonders. Stepping off the plane with my trusty Trochi Charles Trunk suitcase in tow, I felt a rush of excitement for the adventures ahead.

From strolling through Stanley Park's lush trails to savoring diverse culinary delights in Gastown, Vancouver captivated my senses at every turn. The Trochi Charles Trunk, with its durable build and vintage charm, seamlessly accompanied me on my explorations, evoking a sense of timeless elegance.

As I marveled at the vibrant culture of Granville Island and admired the city skyline from atop the Vancouver Lookout, my suitcase stood as a symbol of both style and functionality. Its spacious compartments kept my essentials organized, allowing me to focus on soaking in the beauty of this coastal gem.

In Vancouver, every corner reveals a new story waiting to be discovered, and with my Trochi Charles Trunk by my side, I was ready to embark on each chapter with wanderlust in my heart.
- Lydia.Z (March 1st, 2024)


Thank you @trochi_offical for coming in clutch with this super sweet suitcase which
by the way can fit just about your  whole life in it! 

Anna lagzdina (women’s ice hockey world champion)


About Us

TROCHI, PROUD TO BE CANADIAN Operating from our head office in Toronto, Canada, Trochi is an international purveyor of luxurious, high-quality and moderately-priced hardside, rolling luggage for today’s traveler. Formed in 2015 in response to the growing demand for premium quality, yet affordable luggage, Trochi presents a line of products made from the finest raw materials, designed to be both functional and beautiful. You can count on Trochi luggage to meet all the rigorous demands of modern, international travel, and look good while doing it.

Our Manufactory

A premier luggage manufacturer that has been revolutionizing the travel industry since its
establishment in 1995.
With a commitment to seamlessly blending style and functionality, Trochi Luggage has
become a trusted name in the world of travel goods.
Founded on the principles of innovation and quality craftsmanship, our journey began with a vision to create luggage that not only met the rigorous demands of modern travel but
also reflected the evolving tastes of discerning globetrotters. Over the past two decades,
we have consistently pushed the boundaries of design and technology to produce luggage
that embodies durability, sophistication, and practicality.At Trochi Luggage, every piece of
luggage tells a story of precision engineering and attention to detail. Our dedication to
excellence has earned us a reputation for crafting products that stand the test of time,
providing travelers with reliable companions for their journeys across the globe.
Trochi Luggage continues to anticipate the evolving needs of travelers, ensuring that our
luggage not only meets but exceeds expectations.
Join us on a voyage where style meets substance, and embark on your adventures with the confidence that comes from choosing Trochi Luggage.
Airport after airport, tarmac after tarmac - that's Trochi's promise.

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